The Professional way to test Cables, Harnesses, Slip-rings and wired assemblies
Low voltage cabel
& harness tester
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YP-1024 Low voltage cable & harness tester (Up to 5V)

- tests as many as 100 pins in less than five seconds
- diagnoses shorts, opens, malfunctions and mis-wires in
  any cable

Eminently efficient, affordable and highly productive, the YP-1024 tests as many as 100 pins in less than five seconds.

The YP-1024 checks pin-to-pin wiring, the functionality of embedded components (diodes, capacitors, resistors and more); and it also diagnoses shorts, opens, malfunctions and mis-wires in any cable.

Although primarily developed for the automotive industry, this tester is suitable for all low voltage testing purposes.

  • User-friendly, menu driven software.
  • No programming experience needed
  • Complies with MIL-C3885F (Cable Assemblies and Cord Assemblies Electrical Standard)
  • Applicable to a wide variety of cable lengths and shielding
  • No calibration processes required
  • Implements high capacity database for reports, wiring lists and UUT connector types (Including UUT pins designation)
  • Performs self-learning of good wired assembly samples
  • Imports wiring lists from CAD/CAM or host computer
  • Includes automatic BIT and initiated self test.
  • Selection of voltage, current or resistance configured for one or a group of chains.


Low voltage continuity and functional testing, and high voltage insulation testing for a wide array of cables, harnesses, slip rings and wired assemblies within minutes.
Test backplanes, circuits and assemblies, and include components for both functionality results and AC signatures.
Modularity provides virtually unlimited scalability
Tests 100 points in less than 5 secs.
High voltage insulation testing (up to 1500 V) within minutes.
Automated bi-directional continuity testing of Slip-Rings in motion.
Conduct tests while controlling switches, relays, LEDs and any other equipment embedded in cables that work using external power supplies.
Modularity provides virtually unlimited scalability.
YPU products are Windows-based, and use 19" industrial PCs or robust portable PCs.